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Editoria e Giardini 12th Edition: 20th -28th September 2014

A journey into the English garden. Fair dedicated to books and culture from England

The 2014 edition has as its central theme the multi-faceted world of the English garden.

From the geometric garden to the informal garden, from the cottage to the woodland garden, the broad stylistic spectrum of English gardens offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration that the 2014 edition of Editoria e Giardini intends to explore, proposing to the Italian public an interesting journey of discovery into the myriad aspects of this variegated world.

Love for the garden is a typically English sentiment that expresses itself in an abundant bibliography of books and manuals dedicated to botany, the history of the garden and gardening techniques.

Yet the English garden is not just the object of knowledge and study, but also a pleasant place for a sojourn, a place where you can dedicate yourself to art, manual or other pastimes that have the merit of bringing people together socially.

Initially inspired by Italian, French and Dutch creations, the art of the English garden has developed wisely over the years, gaining autonomy and reaching its high-point in that most typical of expressions, the great English landscape garden.

So, too, in the gardens that developed along the shores of Lake Maggiore, which were not immune to the passion of 19th century botanical collecting, the new English style was to some extent simulated in a significant way. Certainly, Italy has always offered both the climate and suitable territory for the fulfilment of the dreams of eccentric foreigners who were mad about gardens.

The theme of gardens involves thinkers and writers, architects and painters, gardeners and botanists, travellers and collectors, institutions and amateur associations that all contribute in various ways to making the English  garden a model that is still insuperable today, as well as maintaining and developing those marvellous aesthetics that the creative Italian spirit cannot ignore.

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